Cruze Control Technologies is a technology service provider using Artificial Intelligence to automate enterprise IT operations to an extent not seen before. With our approach to IT operations automation, a machine with human problem solving skills is taught by the experts, so the actual humans can turn their attention to moving innovation forward.

Our focus is on giving people back the time they are currently spending in mindless processes. If we can optimize technology giving it the ability to learn continuously and make experiences, assumptions and predictions, and even act — we can improve life in society.


HIRO™ is an AI platform that uses machine reasoning and a knowledge-based problem-solving engine optimized by machine learning to deliver cutting-edge enterprise IT and business process automation solutions to clients worldwide. The AI uses problem-solving artificial intelligence to automate processes across the entire IT and enterprise stack. The platform amplifies human knowledge through continuous learning and built-in self-optimization – as a result, HIRO™ is able to solve and perform even complex tasks and processes autonomously.

Retaining knowledge on how to operate your IT environment is getting more challenging and complex.

Companies are faced with issues whereby the knowledge lies in peoples heads, the people who have the “know how” to do company specific tasks are not always available. In most cases resources doing a repetitive task, can take up time that you can’t get back

The war for finding and retaining good technical IT talent continues with companies being forced to pay exuberant rates, deal with high human resource issues, lose their ability to retain their IT know how on how to operate their IT systems and most of all lose the ability to be innovate in today’s digital world.

In todays digital age application of technology allows employees in a company to configure computer software or intelligent systems to behave like humans, acquire knowledge on IT environments, analyse problems, make a decision problem resolution, and most of all resolve the problem , within minutes.

This allows you to free up your expensive resources to become more innovative, and get an intelligent system to do the day to day work.

Benefits of HIRO™

  • Automation: HIRO™ allows companies to automate operations with average
  • Automation rates of 87%, even in dynamic and virtualized environments
  • Cost savings: HIRO™ reduces overall IT operating costs by 30-50%
  • Efficiency: HIRO™ reaches 50% average increase in staff efficiency
  • Speed & Agility: HIRO™ is able to execute IT tasks 23x faster than human counterparts
  • Knowledge Optimization: HIRO™ converts IT intelligence into reusable assets & retaining intellectual property in-house
  • Knowledge Items: HIRO™ learns from experts through Knowledge Items (KI). KIs are atomic pieces of code that give HIRO™ the framework to solve issues and perform tasks. The system’s ability to create solutions for specific tasks grows exponentially with the knowledge stored in the platform. Once KIs are created they are reusable up to 80% across an organization.


We offer the following HIRO™ services

Part of any AI implementation is to offer the right solutions to the right problems. We all know that a bad solution has the potential to bring your IT operational environment to a stand still. One of our solution architects is ready to come sit with you and your IT operations team to work out the best solution using the unique AI product we implement. Architecting and documenting the solution for your newly robotically optimised IT operations is a must at the beginning of your journey.

Implementing your new artificial intelligence product involves setting up the product in your environment, using the product, and administering the product. You need to have in-depth knowledge of operating systems , installations, configurations, integration, setting up, running and administration. Fortunately we have all the skills and experience to help you get going. Our implementation team has decades of experience doing this and will play a vital role in ensuring your new IT operational environment is up and running.

We offer you the service of training your existing IT operational staff in product implementation and actually using the product to start your intelligent automation. Our training comprises of in-depth online training (TM of Arago) and hands on onsite training. Training is part of our key offerings to ensure you are well equipped with knowledge for succeeding.

Our 24/7 support structure will ensure you are running every second of the year. We have an extended inter national support structure. We work to solve your problems whilst you sleep !!

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