We are able to assess the processes our clients spend endless time on and with the help of AI create programs that will automate these processes, saving our clients time and money.

Knowledge Optimization – Human-machine collaboration enables prolific and efficient use of company information through process automation.

Cost Saving – Automation of routine processes significantly reduces operating costs and enables investment in growth strategies.

Utilization of people – By automating routine tasks, companies free up highly valuable human talent to focus on innovation and strategy.

Speed & Agility – In the world of everchanging technology, managing processes and adopting change quickly impacts market position.

AI Service Offering


Part of any AI implementation is to offer the right solutions to the right problems. We all know that a bad solution has the potential to bring your IT operational environment to a stand still. One of our solution architects is ready to come sit with you and your IT operations team to work out the best solution using the unique AI product we implement. Architecting and documenting the solution for your newly robotically optimised IT operations is a must at the beginning of your journey.


Implementing your new artificial intelligence product involves setting up the product in your environment, using the product, and administering the product. You need to have in-depth knowledge of operating systems , installations, configurations, integration, setting up, running and administration. Fortunately we have all the skills and experience to help you get going. Our implementation team has decades of experience doing this and will play a vital role in ensuring your new IT operational environment is up and running.


We offer you the service of training your existing IT operational staff in product implementation and actually using the product to start your intelligent automation. Our training comprises of in-depth online training (TM of Arago) and hands on onsite training. Training is part of our key offerings to ensure you are well equipped with knowledge for succeeding.


Our 24/7 support structure will ensure you are running every second of the year. We have an extended inter national support structure. We work to solve your problems whilst you sleep !!

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