HIRO™ Introduction

HIRO™ is an AI platform that uses machine reasoning and a knowledge-based problem-solving engine optimized by machine learning to deliver cutting-edge enterprise IT and business process automation solutions to clients worldwide. The platform amplifies human knowledge through continuous learning and built-in self-optimization. As a result, HIRO™ is able to solve and perform even complex tasks and processes autonomously.

The war for finding and retaining good technical IT talent continues with companies being forced to pay exuberant rates, deal with high human resource issues, lose their ability to retain the know-how to operate their IT systems, and most of all, lose the ability to be innovative in today’s digital world. In most cases, resources doing a repetitive task can take up time that you can’t get back

Digital technology today allows companies to configure computer software or intelligent systems to behave like humans, acquire knowledge on IT environments, analyse problems, make a problem resolution decision, and most of all resolve the problem, within minutes.

This frees up your expensive resources to become more innovative and get an intelligent system to do the day to day work.

How HIRO Works

HIRO is built on the latest AI technology and leverages three major human abilities: learning, understanding, and reasoning. Powered by Arago’s algorithms, HIRO uses these capabilities to solve problems.

The HIRO Journey

Depending on the area of automation, market-leading automation rates can be achieved within weeks of installation.

Disclaimer: Cruze Control is the authorised business and implementation partner of HIRO™ for South Africa, an Arago product. Arago gmbH, Eschersheimer Landstraße 526 – 532, 60433 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


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