In 2018 the hype around Artificial Intelligence – specifically machine learning and deep learning – was everywhere we went, and this will be no different in 2019, as we expect astonishing breakthroughs and exciting new gadgets to reach the markets.

With the adoption of AI across the world we are slowly moving out of the space of mistrust and into a space of realising and accepting all the great opportunities AI will make available.

So here is to 2019 and all the exciting new things we can expect in the up and coming months.

1.  Virtual Agents

In 2018 we saw businesses of all shapes and sizes begin to use AI-powered chatbots to assist them in various tasks such as: answering website visitors’ questions and help customers make purchases.

With 2019 we expect to witness even further advances in AI-powered customer services. On the corporate side we will see the rise of virtual agents that will have a face and personality and will be equipped to handle more complex tasks.

Even our homes will begin to shift towards Smart Homes with voice assistants such and Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

2. Self-Driving Cars

As the motor industry makes its strides towards self-driving vehicles we can expect to see its results with the New Year.

Many motor companies such as Ford and General Motors have started to shift their resources away from traditional product lines and are pouring billions into the development of self-driving cars.

The technology behind Self-Driving Cars holds immense promise in reducing deaths and giving the elderly and other population groups access to safe and affordable driving options.

 3. 5G

The much anticipated 5G revolution will soon be taking the market by storm and many of us can’t wait for this lighting fast network to become available. 5G technology will not only make our smartphones much faster, it promises strong network connections, enhanced gaming experience and a rise of close to 50{98a415467f13991c7839444e81d44b7c599a4b35f04cdb64523e00424b6a1d9b} in the speed and performance of smartphones.

4.   Image Recognition

With the help of AI computers and now able to learn how to see, acquire, process and analyse data from visual sources. This technology is expected to diagnose diseases, detect licence discs and allow for photo analysis to complete verifications.

5.   Cyber Defence

In 2018 we saw an alarming increase in Cybercrime with cybercriminals actively targeting SaaS (software-as-a-service) platforms, cloud infrastructure and IoT (internet of things) devices. Thankfully as AI becomes more powerful we can expect a decrease of these attacks. Companies are now working to deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies empowered to detect any abnormal activities and defend organisations system before the threat becomes uncontrollable.

Of course with the vast potential and hype around AI this list continues and we look forward to seeing all that it has to offer in the future.

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