With years of experience in both the IT field and recruitment, we are able to provide our clients with the resources to fill niche skill requirements. We have formulated a highly effective process of recruiting, screening, testing, and consultant management. We offer five models of Resourcing to match any of our clients’ needs including contract (short, medium and long term), contract-to-hire and permanent placement. Our consultants are proficient in the IT field and are deadline oriented to meet the needs of our clients.


Our Engagement Modules:

  • Onsite resourcing
  • Offshore resourcing
  • Remote workers


The transformation of Recruitment
There has lately been an increase of chatted about robots and more generally Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over the world of business.
5 Tech trends to look forward to
In 2018 the hype around Artificial Intelligence – specifically machine learning and deep learning – was everywhere we went, and this will be no different in 2019, as we expect astonishing breakthroughs and exciting new gadgets to reach the markets.

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