Quality Analysis (QA)

Trusted by ISV/SaaS companies especially – Comprehensive, Complete and
Cost Effective manual and automation testing for your web, mobile and
desktop products. Increase your customer experience by getting your
application tested thoroughly in minimum time after each iteration release.

Test Requirement Analysis | Test Management | Build Automation | Reports & Metrics


With our strong knowledge in software testing and our team of highly certified Test Engineers, Test Analysts and Test Managers we aim for high performance and top of the range service. 


Our methodology has stood the test of time and is continuously adjusted to suit the latest in technology. Over the years we have acquired a vast range of tools, years of experience and defect tracking ensuring accurate results and management from our testing. 

The transformation of Recruitment
There has lately been an increase of chatted about robots and more generally Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over the world of business.
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5 Tech trends to look forward to
In 2018 the hype around Artificial Intelligence – specifically machine learning and deep learning – was everywhere we went, and this will be no different in 2019, as we expect astonishing breakthroughs and exciting new gadgets to reach the markets.
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